In the Beginning

>> Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I thought I'd do what I intended to do here and share some past projects.  So today we are going back to the beginning - to our first house that is.

Isn't it great?  Actually, in this picture it doesn't look as bad as I remember it.  We HATED the screens on that porch.  Who hates a screen porch right?  Well this one had holes all over it, it made the house dark and it was constantly filthy.  A little foreshadowing - it goes away.

Really this was a pretty good bungalow.  Typical 6 room floor plan with 3 bedrooms and a bathroom along the left side, and the living room, dining room and kitchen along the right.  A previous owner had done some "updates"  including a huge fireplace and vinyl windows.

Generally the entire house was pretty blah.  The paint colors were as generic as you can get and the trim was painted a blinding white.

Here's the Kitchen.  Sadly this is about the most flattering picture that could be taken of that kitchen.  What is left out is the washer and dryer that sat along the middle of the back wall and the huge section of floor that was missing the linoleum tiles.  You do get a view of the hight quality cabinets with peeling vainer.  For the record: when we bought the house it had NO appliances.  We had to get these right away to make the house livable.  A clean refrigerator does make a dilapidated kitchen much more tolerable though.

Well whoever said it gets worse before it gets better wasn't kidding.  It was so exciting though, to see the changes that were happening on a daily basis.  It got stressful quick but it was so worth it.

Stop back by for some after shots and a room by room tour.


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