When the sign says "Estate Sale," follow it!

>> Sunday, March 21, 2010

That's just what I did yesterday and boy was it worth it.

There were typical kitchen supplies - but still good things.  Like a Pyrex measuring cup (I always need more than one) and a wooden spoon.  Also got an unopened meat thermometer - so random and a marble rolling pen (pretty nice).

There was also a large selection of Christmas decor.  A lot wasn't any good but these glass balls looked nice and go with what I've already got.  We also snagged some plug-in timers to schedule the Christmas decorations to turn on and off daily.


Another great find: a set of knotted pearls.  I think they're real.  If not they sure are pretty.

The found object of the day was this great wire basket.  It reminds me of some currently for sale at Pottery Barn and several antique stores.  I think I'll use it for magazines but it has lots of future potential.


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