The Kitchen Remodel

>> Monday, August 15, 2011

 Now this is the good stuff.  

I love kitchens.  I REALLY love designing kitchens.  It's like a puzzle: what pieces go where to get the right drawers and the right shelves in the right place. 

 It also has to take into account the utilitarian nature of the kitchen.  How many people will need to work here?  Creating stations for specific tasks.  Getting the flow right for both the cook and the people passing through.  

Maybe too I like it because it's high risk.  If you don't like the sofa placement, you move it.  Once cabinets are install though, you're quite a bit more committed. 

There are a lot of things I loved about this kitchen.  One was that mirrored pantry door.  It had this worn green glaze on it that had aged perfectly.   Such an awesome find at the salvage yard.

I also loved the bead board backsplash (It was not that hard to do), and that faucet.  It's one with the pull down nossel.  So useful. 

Let's remember where we began on this one shall we?

So this is where we started.

Everything was removed

Including that awful linoleum floor.

The pantry and laundry were framed in.  The back door was also moved over to allow for the laundry.

When the cabinets were delivered they literally had to be stored in every room.  This is the bedroom.

Drywall installed, cabinets installed, plumbing and electrical done.  Countertops came shortly after this picture.

Then lot of details and we had a finished kitchen.


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