The Hall Bathroom

>> Friday, August 19, 2011

Welcome back to the room by room total house remodel.  In today's episode: the hall bathroom.  This is a typical bungalow bathroom (read: very small).  It was blessed with a very low rent redo maybe 15 years ago - it all had to go.

Except for the cast iro bathtub - it was the 1920's original and in pretty good shape.  The tile though - not good.

The tile went about 5 feet up the wall and removing it trashed the plaster beneath.  We choose to go back with board and batten wainscoting.  It's a high value look with a low price tag.  

It was a bit of a learning experience though.  We used drywall and pine trim.  We should have used quater inch plywood and MDF trim (a bit of foreshadowing for the next house).  The drywall added an extra step of mudding and sanding, and the raw wood added the extra step of lots of sanding and lots of priming.

At the end though a good coat of paint - high gloss trim in Halo and semi gloss walls in Stratton Blue (both Benjamin Moore colors) - and new fixtures and it all came together.

 Despite the work, it came out really nice if I do say so myself.


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