Dream Home 2011 - The Kitchen

>> Wednesday, August 17, 2011

This is the kitchen I am currently drooling over.  First thing that struck me: it's not big - 12ft by 9ft I think.  Maybe that's why I like it, I could do this.  Let me tell you though, they have packed a lot of good into this small space.

The second thing the stuck out (after how small this was), is those goose neck lights.  There's one over the sink too.  I wonder if they are the only lights in the room or if they still included cans.  I think you'd need a few cans down the middle, but I love the placement of these as task lights over the work surfaces.

The symmetry in here is great too.  I big on symmetry in a kitchen.  There are so many components to a kitchen that  it gets chaotic without symmetry to hold it down.  By the way, that upper cabinet by the stove is a medicine cabinet - I'm still not sure how I feel about it.

However, the other upper cabinets are perfect!  The dark stain makes them look like furniture - nice furniture.  And I love that they go down to the counter.  I also really like the lower cabinet color and how that ties into the graining in the marble countertops.  

Other details worth imitating: they covered the dishwasher with a cabinet panel - I'm guessing to maintain symmetry; and the refrigerator  is a cabinet depth model so it won't invade the traffic flow.

Behind the kitchen is this precious breakfast nook.  The table and chairs are wonderful!  And I've always loved the Harmon Pendant from Restoration Hardware.   I'm also in love with those doors - their scale is so good.

Another neat detail: the horizontal boards around the entire room and kitchen.  It gives it dimension and, in the kitchen, eliminates the need for a backsplash.  Painted high gloss it would be easy to wipe off and keep clean.

Adjacent to the breakfast nook is the pantry with a coffee station, I think.  They switched up and used a dark, presumably granite, countertop back here - I wonder why?  Fear of the marble staining under the coffee?  Regardless it looks beautiful and the little light above is great too.

So that's the kitchen of my "love every detail" dream home.  Hope it inspires!

This is a home that was listed for sale and the pictures are copyright FMLS 2011


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