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>> Wednesday, November 16, 2011

We finally got to work on the new house last weekend - YAY!!

All the doors that are going to be moved were taken down (and all of the crystal door knob were removed and put into safe hiding from renovation dangers).

Then we started in on the walls that will be removed.  Thankfully we thought to check in the attic just to make sure these weren't load bearing - because they are.  One is holding up the ceiling in the kitchen and part of the back roof.  Awesome!  The back roof is coming off anyway to allow for the addition, and I guess the framers will just have to redo the kitchen ceiling too.

We did get the plaster and lathe off of these walls though.  That's the hardest part about taking out a plaster wall - the wood will be down in no time (after something is done so the ceiling doesn't fall in).

Another (not-so) awesome surprise:

Knob and tube wiring.  This is the original 1920's kind.  I think it was very progressive for the time; now it is know to burn down houses.  It cemented my suspicion that we were going to need to rewire the entire house (as opposed to just adding new lights and outlets where needed).

On a positive note though I had a really good surprise.  The attic is in pretty good condition - the ceiling is really high and there is already sub flooring.  It's not going to be finished space but it will be great storage (something there never really seems to be enough of).

All in all - a productive weekend.


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