The Game Plan

>> Saturday, October 29, 2011

We've been working over this past month with Kromberg Wall architects on the design for the new house. In a lot of ways I hate this part of the process.  I did so much thinking and planning and analyzing and over analyzing the layout before we bought the house (basically in a need to determine if it was worth buying).  About a month ago I handed my hand drawn sketch to the architect for them to draw up the actual blue-prints.  And then we waited...

They brought up a lot of detail issues I hadn't even thought about.  Then a few weeks later we got the layout:

I showed to to my mom.  Her reaction: "That's it?  That's the whole house?"  Yes Mom, it is. 

 It's 1900 square feet as a reference.  The tops the front.  The unmarked rooms are the living room and dining room to the left, and two bedrooms to the right.  In the end it will have three bedrooms and three bathrooms, and most of the original layout and character aspects of the home will still be intact.  With the addition of a huge master bathroom and kitchen - woo hoo!

I can't wait to get started on the actual construction!


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