Friday = Craft Day

>> Friday, March 12, 2010

I am in LOVE with the Sweater-Kint pillow from Pottery Barn:

However, it's $39 for the cover and $24 for the insert making it a $63 pillow.  A bit out of my price range.

BUT... I was thinking.  There are cable knit sweaters everywhere so why not re-purpose them to be pillows?  And that leads us to today's craft project:  Cable knit pillows.

I want three - 2 navy for the light blue couch in the TV room, and one cream color for the white living room (a lot like the picture above).  As it's March, sweaters are on sale everywhere so I went to Macy's where they are 70% off.  And here is what I got for a grand total of $32:

Oh, I'm so excited.  But I also needed the inserts.  And I thought to myself: Ikea sells inserts.  And oh boy do they, for $6.99!  These are 24 inches by 16 inches down inserts.  They feel really full and expensive too - much better than the crappy pillows that came with my sofa.

Ok... well now the fun begins.  I'll show you the results when there done!

 ~ Holly


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